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Trade Missions


Trade missions are invitation-only domestic and overseas visits involving senior executives, high net worth individuals, government officials and multi-national corporations for the purpose of exploring international business opportunities.

Each business trip is tailored around specific business opportunities, relevant to our members. Delegates will be invited to join the Trade Mission based on their strategic growth objectives and nature of business. The program is designed to match these objectives with business opportunities existing in the targeted market via the introduction to key industry decision-makers and well-placed government officials.

Sector-Specific Missions

The Sector Trade Mission includes representatives from a limited number of industry sectors, building the visit around a specific trade fair, congress or range of seminars.


Country-Focused Missions

This mission offers an introduction to business opportunities across a number of sectors but within a certain country or geographical region.

Regional Trade Missions

The Regional Trade Mission Program targets emerging regions with high growth potential, related to their trade and investment opportunities. Besides promoting our client as a business hub, the multiple-destination visits aim to strengthen business relations with the respective markets.

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