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We can help with many labor force research needs.

Labor Market Profile – Need to know how skilled your labor force is? Our staff can collect, review, and present meaningful data concerning your labor market. We can create a reader-friendly profile of your labor market that can be used by industry leaders considering location or expansion in your community or can serve as the basis continued labor analyses.

Industry/Occupation Analysis & Forecasting – Need to know what the future holds for your community’s job market? We can show you which occupation sectors are performing well and which are not. We can show you the small but growing sectors you might have overlooked. Our analysis focuses on factors that are important to your community. What are your high-wage industries? What are your vital existing industries? What makes your community standout and attract these businesses? Our staff can reveal opportunities to kickstart small but growing industries with the high wages that your citizens want.

Labor Force Gap Analysis – Need to know if the labor needs of your local economy are being met? Our analysis surveys your labor force and industry leaders. Through these surveys, we can show you the existing skillset, training and education needs, and career aspirations of your community’s labor force. With our analysis, you can position your community to compete in the global labor market

lace and create more employment opportunities for your citizens. Our analysis can also be used by all local stakeholders to enhance your community’s economic development opportunities.

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